It is crucial that all players in any sport expose their talents. With Today's technology, recruitment has never been easier. Through our video and exposure program, we are able to create Player Recruitment Videos and expose them to our networks to maximize your exposure for recruitment.


Contact Us today to get you on your way to being recruited! It's very simple, We arrange a date and time to meet, Record all the specifics needed for recruiting, edit/create video in HD quality with unique effects, then we Expose it to all college recruiters or professional scouts.


If you do the research, most video production companies or free lancers charge between $2,500-$3,500 for a basic, low quality, video editing service only. Here, we do it all (Video, Edit, Expose) and we do it with top of the line quality for the Minimum cost of $1,500.


The Difference is in the Quality, Knowledge and Networks. We make sure all angles are covered in what has proven to be the successful. That is our secret sauce. And if you want to add your own touch? No Problem, we want to work together to get the Job done right!

Ready to get noticed?

Contact us today and we will get to work immediately. Do not wait until its too late, get exposed now!